Hospital Flower Delivery Information

Hospital Delivery Information

We do not recomend our postal or courier service for Hospital deliveries, our personal same day delivery service provides the best possiblility for a succesful delivery.

Same Day Delivery Service

generally our delivery driver has access to deliver the flowers & gift directly to the recipientin her ward. However please be aware Hospital delivery rules may vary and in some cases we are only allowed to deliver to the nurses station or holding room.

Unfortunately, ICU patients are often not permitted to receive gifts. Also, we do not deliver latex balloons as most hospitals do not allow them and some hospitals may not accept balloons at all.


Can you deliver Postal or Courier flowers to hospitals or universities?

Yes we can deliver our Postal range to hospitals however as mentioned above we do not really recommend it.

For postal or courier deliveries to hospitals deliveries will normally be made to the reception or post-room. Delivery to the named recipient is not possible in many cases. Please note that these circumstances are outside our control. In this case, we will deliver to the reception area or post room

To ensure the highest likelihood of delivery success, please ensure that you provide as much information regarding the location of the recipient as possible within the delivery instructions, including ward name, floor number, etc.

We are not liable for the non-delivery of flowers to recipients at universities as we have no control of the delivery once it reaches the mailroom or reception

Hospital-specific delivery issues

Deliveries to hospitals are often difficult as patients are moved between wards, or often they are discharged before delivery. Also many hospitals do not accept flower deliveries into certain wards due to health & safety restrictions. Please check with the hospital to confirm they accept flowers and make sure the recipient has not been discharged. All flower deliveries made to hospitals will be made at the purchasers own risk. No refund can be made for non delivery. For this reason we no longer recommend that flowers are delivered to a hospital by post or courier and it should only be delivered on the same day basis directly by our local florists.

There are a number of hospitals in Dublin that do not accept flower deliveries but do accept balloon deliveries.


Latest Hospital Flower Bans (For Patients - Staff Flowers are still accepted)

Mater Private will not accept flowers however the Mater Public hospital will witte acception of the ICU wards and respitory wards

Bon Secours Hospital in Glasnevin will not accept flowers.

Limerick Regional Hospital will not allow flower delivery but once again do allow Balloon and gift deliveries